Sagada and Banaue Highlands Tour

Sagada is a very peaceful village located in the Mountain Province, in northern Philippines. 

Sagada + Banaue Highlands Tour Sched

Popular among European travellers, Sagada is one of the most beautiful places in the Philippines for communing with nature and getting a glimpse of Philippine history. 

In Sagada, you have the mountains around you, the clean and cold air to breathe, the lush foliage, and the charming people. 

Experience Sagada’s famed Sumaguing Caves, swim in the freezing waters of the majestic Bomod-ok falls, and delight in the food haunts in Sagada town.

Enjoy the wonders of Sagada this: Mar. 22-24 / May 17-19 / Oct. 25-27 / Dec. 27-29, 2013;

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