About Us

ClubTravelNOW.org is, yes, a CLUB!

We are a community of travellers who love to travel together! You can be a member of the club when you join us in any one of our travels. Our goal is to cultivate travellers who are very close to each other, who have wonderful relationships with each other, who look out for each other, and who loves to be with each other on their travels. Yes, exactly, a FAMILY!

ClubTravelNOW.org is a PHILOSOPHY!

It is about a belief in making things happen right now, about seizing the day! Carpe Diem! There is no better time to live your dreams than NOW. And yes, that applies to your travel dreams, as well as other aspirations in life. :)

ClubTravelNOW.org is a TOURISM with a HEART!

We make travel our business, but we also promote responsible tourism, we encourage teamwork, and we promote social contribution to the places we travel to. It is an advocacy for better tourism standards in the Philippines, better tourism promotions, and responsible tourism.

Be a part of ClubTravelNOW.org.

Get in touch with us by emailing us at travelbuddies@clubtravelnow.org.  

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